Friday, February 14, 2014

Sadie's Girly Room

I've been meaning to take pictures of Sadie's room for my family, friends and my few followers to see, but I have neglected my blog terribly. I finally had the time and snapped some photos when Sadie was at daycare last week. 

Decorating our babies room was a complete joint effort between Darrin and I. He had as much of a say as I did. It was really fun thinking of ideas and it came together pretty easily. We didn't have a true "theme" even though I wanted to incorporate my childhood memories of having a little bit of pieces from, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit."We knew the color scheme was grey, pink and white and Darrin's must have was a chandelier for his little girl;) 

We didn't spend a lot money, we used the left over paint from our downstairs hallway and I made a lot of the decor. Some of the big items we bought at an antique store for decent prices, or we had gift cards from my baby shower and my Mom bought our crib and sheets. 

I still love Sadie's room and so happy how it came out. I will be sad if we ever have to move and paint over Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-Duck.
Sadie's Room

Mommy and Daddy's baby pics 

We spend a lot of time in this $40 rocking chair.
No need to buy an expensive nursery glider.
I'm always clearing out her old clothes. So sad! 
Shelves I had since college and original plate set from a
Blacksburg Antique store my Mom bought us.
Special Gillespie family tradition to have a baby engraved cup.
Thanks Mom!
I mean it's really Sadie and Savannah's room.
See that "hole" under the crib skirt? That's her secret cave.

* Crib from Target / Crib skirt and sheets from Pottery Barn Kids / 
Pink rug from Pottery Barn Kids/ Chandelier from Home Depot / 
"S" metal sign and zigzag pillow from TJMaxx / 
Art and pictures, flags above crib and hanging nest all handmade / 
Dresser, mirror and rocking chair from Antique store.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sadie turned ONE!

I cannot believe it's been a whole year since I delivered and met my sweet baby girl. I will remember that incredible and beautiful moment for the rest of my life. 
The first year truly goes so fast and we have enjoyed being new parents more than anything. Sadie has been a blessing to us and it has strengthened our relationship even more. We have gone through a lot of changes this past year and raising a newborn has taught us a lot. We have been great partners in parenting and we are still learning everyday. We managed a whole year of taking naps. Yes, naps! We have a daughter who is very calm, observant, sweet, and loving during the day, but she wasn't much of a sleeper at night. We tagged team at night and pulled through during the day. It's getting a lot better, but hope this next year we will be sleeping and not napping!
It has been an incredible experience having a baby and I have learned that I would do anything for her. I have so much love for Sadie and it just amazes me how much she has learned and grown in just one year. She is one smart, beautiful girl and I'm proud to be her Mom!

12Month Milestones/Events:
Shaking her head for "Yes" and "No"
Baby dolls-Loves them! 
Kissing and patting 
Pushing and walking her "shopping cart"
Eating more. Slowing down on nursing and no more formula. Switched to whole milk, loves bananas, raviolis, raspberries, crackers, and mandarin oranges.
Cutting down her first Christmas tree and celebrating her first Christmas
First cake smash-She was delicate, of course!
Stomach flu on her birthday and unfortunately gave it to everyone at her birthday party
First ER trip! We flew to CA (her fourth plane ride) for Christmas and went straight to the ER for the stomach bug
CIO (Cry it Out method) In CA, we finally had Sadie try to soothe herself at night. It worked drastically!!
New Converse shoes for her birthday
Sitting in a big chair, eating at a table and sleeping on a cot at daycare

It has been an incredible first year! Excited to see Sadie's changes and what this next year holds for us!


Photography by: Laura's Focus Photography

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sadie is 11Months!

11months and 1 more to go until our baby turns ONE! 

-Top teeth came in and she has the cutest little gap between them.
-Opening and closing doors (her fingers have been squashed a few times).
-Sadie got croup or just a really bad cough and cold? We took her to the doctor three times in one week and we still didn't get a clear diagnosis. She didn't eat solids for over a week and lost almost a pound. She was very clingy to Mommy, so we read in bed a lot! Super sweet!... Seriously, she touches something and catches an illness! Even though she wakes up at night, she is really a trouper during the day and doesn't cry much at all.
-Still nursing! I never imagined I would be nursing this long!
-She started taking her fingers and moving them up and down on her lips to make the cutest funny noises. She taught herself that!
-Crawling and standing up on everything. She is very busy now!
-Knows how to press the iPhone button
-Knows how to throw the ball for Maddie now!!! I mean this is Big!
-We had to call Dish. Sadie apparently ordered "GI Joe" on the remote, while we looked away for 2 seconds. Ha!

Strawberries, raspberries, bananas, green beans, and cheese. Refrigerator and the dishwasher doors, anything she can tap and jingle, remotes/iPhone, peek-a-boo and touch and feel books.

Hates: Getting dressed, diaper changes and her stinky feet touched! It's a battle every time! She's not a fan of teeth brushing either and Mommy came up with a silly song to get her excited, ha!

First ride!

Park playdate
Still loves the water
Sister Love
Poor sicky!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sadie is 10 Months!

Sadie is 10months (I lost my whole post and had to make time to write it again). 
This past month Sadie has done so many milestones and we are just so proud of our little girl!

Stats: 21.1lbs and growing like a weed! Fitting in 12month clothes now.

Milestones: Her second word "Dada," putting pieces of food in her mouth, crawling (no more army crawling), standing up by herself and three top teeth poking out!!

Events: Daddy turned 30 in the beginning of the month and had a big group of friends and family stay at Lake Norman, went on a boat ride, some of my California friends came, we started going to storyime at the Library, took 9month photos, went to DC to visit with Uncle Scott, Aunt Karen and Cousin Aiden and went to a huge pumpkin patch. Grammy flew out and visited for a week. We stayed in Durham, NC and toured Duke and Chapel Hill. Grammy actually saw Sadie's first crawl! Had a rough night in the hotel and a few nights after that, so we took her to the Doctor. Sadie had Hand, Foot,
 and Mouth virus! Same week she was teething and we went back to the Doctors and she had her fourth ear infection! Poor baby and very tired parents!!... For Halloween we had our friends the Matney's over and went trick-or-treating for the first time! The babies were adorable! Miss Sadie was a little lamb (of course), I was the Mama lamb and Darrin was the wolf. ha! 

Loves:Tapping and banging anything, the dogs water bowl (she crawls super fast when we aren't looking to splash, gross), loves to move all around while dressing her, dropping things on the floor while in her highchair, getting Maddie to wash her sticky food hands (gross again), sleeping in cars, kisses, holding anything in her hands and examining the textures, horsey ride, songs, stroller rides, and books still!
9 Month photos 

Little lamb for Halloween
Nolan as Nacho Libre,  Little lamb and the Dads
Pumpkin Patch in DC

Cousin Aiden
Meeting Auntie Mari for the first time in NC

First time standing up in her crib--so proud!

First time in the Library
Grammy came to visit her two grandchildren

It turned COLD while Grammy was here

Duke Chapel--Future student!