Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving and Pre-Moving Day

I definitely have a lot to be thankful for this year:
A wonderful husband who is so good to me, a new full-time job, the purchase of our first home, the support of my family and friends, great in-laws, good health, and the tremendous love of our dog, Maddie. 
This holiday was filled with eating, moving, eating and more moving... Oh, and I learned how to drive a stick! Thanks to my bro-in-law Richie! I felt like I was fifteen again, driving (and stalling) in the high school parking lot!
Traditional southern Thanksgiving.
TEN sides, two meats and I got seconds!
Our closing isn't finalized yet, so we moved out of our townhouse and moved into Darrin's Mom's. It is very nice of Leesa to let us take OVER her house. We did get to move our big furniture into the new garage, which was awesome of the sellers. We will be exhausted from moving from two places in two weeks, but it will be exciting at the same time!

Friday, November 18, 2011

10 Things I've learned since living in the South:

1) Food, food and more food!--Let's just say, I miss my Trader Joe's.
Ex: Think the best was when I asked a grocery clerk if they have fresh basil and she handed me a jar of pesto! Fresh green beans=canned here, biscuits are a staple and I can't find polenta anywhere.
2) You can strike up a conversation with anyone.
3) Going to the beach is a vacation now. It's not 30 mins. away anymore.
4) Freeway=Interstate, purse=pocketbook, ice tea=sweet or unsweetened (which I love now).
5) College football fans are truly devoted to their team.
6) Never seen so much camo before.
7) It's nice to hear the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance everyday at 12 pm on the radio.
8) Walmart is an experience in itself.
9) Don't miss the Bay Area traffic one bit and the overload of consumerism.
10) Life just seems simpler--in a good way.
More to come....
Thanks to my bro-in-law, I have my very own turkey calling camo hat.
We were in W. Virginia at an all day country fest, this explains Darrin's chest hair.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Miss Maddie

Yes, she get's a page all to herself! 

Read and see more pics about our new little girl.

Monday, November 14, 2011

First Post-Six Month Anniversary

I never thought about doing a blog, since I've never considered myself a writer. Since buying a house and thinking about ideas for our new space, I've been reading a lot of diy (do-it-yourself) blogs run by talented women.  I have been inspired and thought this would be a great way to share and journal my new life in Virginia. 

So here I go... 

I'm starting my first post on our six month wedding Anniversary

This past six months went so fast! I can't believe that we have done so much since our wedding, but it's been amazing, unexpected, but very memorable... In July, we brought home a seven-week old precious Springer Spaniel named Maddie Duke, from Hazard County, KY. She's our wedding present to each other and she is ALL dog! We now know what to expect when we have our own baby, ha! Then in August, we put an offer on an adorable farmhouse and all of a sudden we are experiencing being first-time home buyers. We really weren't looking to buy. This was the second house we went through and we didn't have to convince each other that this was our house. We just knew. Can't wait to get the keys in December!

We had a nice, relaxing weekend celebrating with our girl Maddie. We took her on a long walk along Claytor Lake. Something I love about the New River Valley is the abundance of hiking trails that are here. Darrin is always taking me to the most beautiful trails and I'm always in awe. The leaves have been absolutely stunning, but it's gotten really cold lately and it feels like January to me if I were in CA. I'm used to wearing my flip flops in the winter! I need to get myself prepared to live in these cold temps and snow!

On Saturday night, we were looking forward to trying the new and only "authentic" Thai food that just opened in Blacksburg. We went in and looked at each other and turned right around. The bright lights and packed lines felt as if we were in McDonalds. The owners were from Fremont, CA and I was anxious to try it. Boo! So, we went to a really nice wine bar that we have been wanting to try for sometime (622 North). I think it's one of my favorite places here now. Maybe it's because it reminded me of Santa Cruz? I was raving after every bite of my pilaf!  

Now, what will the next six months bring to our new marriage? How about relaxing from the first six months and enjoying putting together our first home;)