Sunday, December 23, 2012

Letters to our baby girl

I've been waiting all my life to finally be a Mom and I can't believe that day is about to happen in just a few days. I grew up playing with my dolls and dreaming that someday I'll actually have my own little baby to play and take care of. I am so lucky to have become pregnant so quickly with no complications and I hope I deliver a healthy little girl at the end. For the most part, it's been a wonderful experience being pregnant. There has been some ups and downs, but it's been amazing. I have to thank Darrin for always being so supportive and loving throughout this whole journey.

To my little girl:
I've carried you for nine months and I anxiously wonder what you will be like. Now, that I know you are the girl I've always wanted to have, will you be more like me, like your Dad or a combination of us both. Will you be as sweet, patient, and loving like your Daddy or be observant, kind and quite like the both of us. Will you have blond, red or curly hair like the rest of the family? Have my green eyes or your Dads blue eyes? Will you be tall and have big lips like your Dad or have one dimple like me? Have a bottom like your Dad and be a dancer like you were in the womb? Will you be artistic and creative like the Gillespie side. I'm so curious and can't wait to meet, kiss and hold you. I will love and support you whatever your heart desires. I can't wait to watch you grow, learn and experience every milestone in your life. I know you will make mistakes and I will always be there for you and try to guide and protect you. I wish you happiness, love, and laughter in your lifetime and I hope I can be the best Mother to you. I am so proud to be your Mom and I love you so much already. 

Letter to my daughter:
The date is December 23rd, 2012. Unless you decide to come before, you will be born December 26th. I can’t even describe how anxious and excited I am to finally meet you! Your Mom has done a wonderful job carrying you in her tummy for the past 9 months. You couldn’t have had a better Mom to take care of you. We are very lucky to have her in our life.

I have been dreaming and praying for the day that I would have a family of my own. The greatest day of my life was when I married your Mom. We are very much alike and we both couldn’t wait to have our own child. Then we were blessed with you! It was the happiest day when we found out that we were pregnant.

I have so many questions right now… What are you going to look like? Are you going to look like your Mom or me or a combination of both of us? What is your personality going to be like? Are you going to be quieter like your Mom and me or are you going to be a talker like your grandparents? What is going to be your favorite subject in school? I will go ahead and apologize if you aren’t good at math. I hope that you are though! Are you going to like playing sports like me? Are you going to be an artist like your Mom? No matter what you do in your life, you will always have our support.

I can’t wait to hold you as a baby. I can’t wait to hear you say your first words, and take your first steps. My new favorite thing to do is going to be hanging out with you, reading you books, watching cartoons, and watching you play with Maddie. The list of things I can’t wait to see you do is too long to write in this letter. I can sum up my feelings for you before I have even met you in a few words: You are the greatest thing that I have ever created. Nothing that I accomplish in my life will compare to the joy that you and your Mom bring me. I pray every night that you are healthy and that you live a long life. I pray that I can raise you the right way and provide everything that you need. I pray that you think I am a good Dad. I pray that you live your life to the fullest and accomplish your dreams. I only ask a couple things of you though: for your Mom and my sake, don’t grow up too fast. We will talk about the others when the time is right;) I love you more than I even know right now, see you in a couple days!!!!

Your Dad
Our fun maternity shoot in November

Thursday, December 13, 2012

37 Weeks

How many weeks: 37 Weeks, full term - 9 Months! 
Baby Size: Size of a stalk of swiss chard - random?

Weight gain so far: 25 + and that's all I'm saying on here;)
Maternity clothes: They are very tight now and I ripped off half of my pinky nail pulling my jeans up last week. Ouch! 
Stretch marks: So far None!!

Sleep: Even though I love sleep, this is the worst part of my day. It takes me 3-4 times to roll over on my side and I am in excruciating pain from my nerve in my left side of my thigh. My stomach loves to tighten at night too. I can't breath and am waking up cause I'm so hot! It's awesome!!... I usually just get up once to go to the bathroom and I always feel bad because I wake the baby up (seriously). She's not active when I sleep, thank goodness, but right when I wake up she moves. So funny!
Best moment of these past weeks: Having my Dad and his wife Mary Lou visit us for Thanksgiving, and having one of my best friends from third grade, Molly come to visit us two days after. We got our house decorated for Christmas and so thrilled that our little girl will be here before New Years. We are feeling totally ready for her and also loving that this is my last week of work! Time to relax now (for a bit;)

Missing Anything: Walking without pain, breathing well at night and have I mentioned a margarita in any of my posts;) 
Movement: Uh, yes! Non stop, all day long and feel like she going to pop soon. I feel her sooo low. She's an active girl!
Food cravings: I'm tired of eating more than Darrin. It makes me feel so weird, but I know I have too. I now understand how women gain so much. I don't get full that fast and if I am, I'm ready to eat an hour later, ugh! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still don't like hair spray and perfume. 

Labor Signs: I get Braxton Hicks sometimes when I've had a busy day and feeling her low in my pelvis.
Symptoms: So happy I don't have back pain at all anymore (for now;)
Belly Button in or out? Flush with my belly. 
Wedding rings on or off? On, but TIGHT!
Mood: I'm a little more emotional now, but otherwise good. I'm not extremely tired anymore even though my nights are rough.

Looking forward to: Pre-registering at the hospital, and knowing when we finally get to meet our girl soon! Also, figuring out the nice Canon digital DSLR camera Darrin got me for Christmas and for my push present! Finally, we can take nice pictures of our baby, instead of our iphones!

Things to do still: I think this is the first Christmas ever where I've been prepared for presents. I did a lot of online shopping and have already wrapped presents. I mean, it's a tradition to be sometimes wrapping on Christmas day for me! I guess I have to be ready because I know if she comes early, some people may not have wrapped presents!
Due Date: December 29th 

Not a good pic of me, but oh well... 
Papa and Nonni came to visit!
Visiting my family (and Darrin's) cemetery in Hillsville, VA. Pretty neat!

Our tree!
My work baby shower last week! Tons of diapers, so sweet!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

34 Weeks

How many weeks: 34 Weeks 
Baby Size: Cantaloupe. Over 4.5+lbs and 18 inches long
Weight gain so far: 20+ now
Stretch marks: Not yet! 
Sleep: It's been difficult the past two weeks. It's much harder to roll over and I have a lot more pain at night now. I've had a vein on my left thigh that's been killing me for over a month and docs don't know why? Maybe it's a nerve and the baby is hitting it? I don't know, but I feel really old, when I get up now cause I'm in pain. Hope it stops or we figure it out soon! I am also getting shortness of breath now and have to prop my pillows more at night to get air. Miss Baby Q is taking it all!

Best moment these past weeks: Besides her being extremely active, I feel helpless when she has the hiccups:( She has them right when I wake up, after lunch and usually at night.  I hate them myself and she gets them everyday! They are super cute to feel them though... Also, we received our maternity photos from the photographer and they came out great! Our pets look beautiful in them, ha! We were happy she captured them too. 
Missing Anything:  Bending and getting up fast. 
Movement: Yes, all day long and it's crazy to see my stomach lopsided now. I see it shake too!
Food cravings: Still haven't stopped my pumpkin coffee kick.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not since 16weeks

Gender: It's a GIRL! 
Labor Signs: Nothing new lately
Symptoms: Same. Nothing new
Belly Button in or out? It's still flush with my tummy and hoping it won't pop!

Mood: My energy level peaked about two weeks ago and now I feel it coming down. I guess I have to realize to relax and lounge more. I'm feeling tired and fuzzy.  I'm "nesting" too and trying to get things organized with Darrin and it's hard that I can't do the heavy things... I'm also doing the "waddling" dance now;)
Looking forward to: My Dad and his wife Mary Lou are finally coming to VA and visiting us for Thanksgiving! We are excited to show them around the area and see our house! I'm also looking forward to our Thanksgiving meal! We have a lot to be thankful for this year.
Things to do still: We have attended two birthing classes so far and we are learning a lot. One more to go... I also need to read more, wash her new clothes, buy diapers and pack our hospital bags. The list can go on!
Due Date: December 29th! My family is flying in the 27th and hopefully she will arrive just in time or we will induce to be home for New Years:)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Weeks and Baby Showers

How many weeks: 31 Weeks 
Baby Size: Pineapple. Over 3+lbs and 16 inches long
Weight gain so far: About 20 now. 
Stretch marks: Not yet and that line below your belly button has thankfully not appeared.
Sleep: I hardly slept at all when I was home in CA this weekend. The baby started kicking throughout the night and waking me up. Also, not sleeping in my own bed with Darrin was difficult, but for the most part I'm doing really well on sleeping. Just takes me longer to roll over;)

Best moment these past weeks: My two baby showers (VA and CA) and getting excited to put all the wonderful gifts away in her room. Getting to fly home and see my family and friends. Also, punches and kicks are not as often anymore compared to full on body movements. She is constantly moving now. 

Missing Anything:  I went to my favorite Cal-Mex restaurants, Aquis when I was home and I wanted one of their strong margaritas so bad! They are the best ever and I wish I could ship one to my hospital room:) 
Movement: Like I said above, tons of movement! I see my belly move all the time now and her butt or head sticking out of my stomach. I love feeling the hard spots and Darrin loves feeling them too. I feel hiccups everyday.
Food cravings: Again carbs. I have been drinking coffee again:( 1/2 cup, but it's the pumpkin creamer and ads at Starbucks that are sucking me in! I have to stop again! I eat more than Darrin now though, which I don't like, ha!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not since 16weeks

Gender: It's a GIRL! 
Labor Signs: A few days ago, I had a lot of pelvic pain and we went to the hospital to get checked out. Everything was fine, but I learned my lesson to call the doctor as things were happening. I waited to call the next morning when things had subsided. Baby is healthy and I need to drink more water than I am.
Symptoms: Her butt moved out of my ribs and ever since I went to the prenatal yoga class, my lower back has not been hurting! I don't know what I did to stretch that out, but it worked! I went again last Sunday and it is really helpful.
Belly Button in or out? It's still flush with my tummy and hoping it won't pop!

Mood: Pretty good still. I feel I'm waddling more, but we've been taking Maddie on walks since it was  gorgeous outside last week and I've been keeping up.  
Baby Likes: Mornings, after lunch and nights. Mainly after food is when she is active. Music from Lil' Wayne and Drake (we call her a little dancer). Cereal, peanut butter, drink a lot of Dole pineapple/strawberry/orange throughout this pregnancy. 
Baby and I Do NOT Like: In the first 16 weeks it was hot chocolate, coffee smell, perfume, hairspray, bathroom spray (still is that), claustrophobia, wire bras... 

Looking forward to: Our maternity photo shoot this weekend and setting up the baby room more! 
Things to do still: Attend the birthing classes we signed up for.  Mark off/buy the things we still need from our registry. Read more...
Due Date: December 29th! Christmas/New Years baby!

A few things that have happened since my last post:
- Darrin turned 29!
- We setup the baby room even more and it is looking so pretty.
- I've gained the most this past month and really look pregnant. I think my 6-7 months have been the best so far though. I didn't expect to have more normal energy.
- I'm still in awe about living in the South and experiencing Fall colors.
- My Mom came to visit and we took her to her first VT game! It was a really great game and perfect weather! She had the best time at it.
 - My Mom, Darrin and I attended the, "Taste of Inspiration" silent auction event for Special Olympics at Lane Stadium. I had worked on the events designs since August and happy it all came together. 
- You can never predict the interstates here, since they have tons of semi-trucks. Our flight back to CA didn't go as planned and we had to stay an extra night near the Charlotte airport. Thankfully, they didn't charge us for changing our flights. 
- I had my two baby showers! I had a great time at both and laughed a lot at the games we played. I was happy to have Darrin there at my VA party too! I learned he needs more practice on diaper changing, ha! We got a lot of great gifts and we are very thankful.
- Darrin surprised me with Eric Church/Justin Moore concert tickets at the Roanoke Civic Center and I'm so happy we finally got to go! He was way better than the first time I had seen him in San Jose. It was probably the last time I'll get to dance for awhile and I'm proud I stood most of the three acts!
- Hurricane Freakin' Sandy brought in our first snow!
31 weeks
VT vs. Duke... and we won! 
My Mom's first Tech game and she loved it! 

My first baby shower in VA! 
Darrin's side
The guys stayed and had a diaper changing contest.
D needs more practice!
Best buds
First stop in CA-Playing in the leaves w/Trent
Second babyshower in CA!

Who can draw the best baby on your head. My niece won!
Love my nieces and nephew. They are growing too fast!
My family and friends planned a great shower for me;)
The party favors my sis made. So cute!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

27 Weeks - Third Trimester!!

How many weeks: 27 Weeks - 7 Months! 
Baby Size: Size of cauliflower head. Over 2lbs and 14.5inches long

Weight gain so far: About 17 pounds (I gained 4lbs in Texas last week. That BBQ and Mexican was good!) 
Stretch marks: Not yet!
Sleep: I'm sleeping well and not getting up to go to bathroom until the alarm. It's been like that since beginning of the second trimester actually. However once I'm in bed, I stay. It's getting harder to roll over and get up. I'm sleeping on my sides and trying to ease my back pain as much as I can.

Best moment this week: Going to a prenatal yoga class! I have been wanting to attend this Sunday class for so long. It was great and relieved my back pain and stretched my stiff body! There were five young girls there and I was the second farthest along. 
Also, we finally purchased things for the babies room! We went to a antique store in Salem and got a white dresser that is so cute. We got a little chandelier from Home Depot (Darrin wanted this) and a mirror that will go above the dresser. We are picking up a rocking chair tomorrow too!

Missing Anything: Shaving my legs, which is difficult now. Also, I gave myself my last pedicure. I will splurge and go somewhere because it really hurt bending. 
Movement: Jabs have turned into full punches and turns in the last few weeks. Darrin can totally feel her now! Love it. We've been playing music on my belly and for some reason she likes Lil' Wayne?! I get so much movement. We put on baby Mozart and I get no kicks. I can't believe we are exposing her to such lyrics, but we think she'll be a dancer and likes the beats, ha! 
Food cravings: My same carbs and dairy. I am eating way more now. I guess I have to make up for my first trimester, ha!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not anymore!

Gender: It's a GIRL!
Labor Signs: I had some braxton hicks a few weeks ago, but haven't felt it lately. Didn't feel great.
Symptoms: Just my lower back pains still and her butt is in my ribs. Ouch!
Belly Button in or out? It's now flush with my tummy, hoping it won't pop!

Mood: Pretty good and I'm not that tired at all. I know that will change when I get huge! Darrin asked me tonight if I'll get emotional and just cry in the third trimester. Had to tell him, it could be with any trimester. I really haven't cried at all or been a crazy preggo;) 

Looking forward to: My glucose test this week and my sugar levels are all good. Also, in two weeks my Mom comes and can't wait to show her the things we bought for the nursery. Then it's Baby Shower time!

Things to do still: Again, READ MORE. Signup for birthing classes at the hospital. 
Due Date: December 29th! Christmas/New Years baby!

The Alamo, San Antonio
Last Day on the San Antonio River Walk. More mexican food.
With Darrin's boss Jim and his wife Melissa. Us girls had to
meet our men on their business trip!
We hiked to a spring 30mins outside of Austin. Gorgeous.
At the famous Allen's Boots. Soo many!
Austin's famous food trucks
The BEST brisket ever at The Salt Lick BBQ!
Famous on the Food Network.

Friday, September 14, 2012

24 Weeks–NY Trip/31st Birthday

Things have been belated on here lately, but I'm trying to catch up...

I'll just post some highlights from the past couple of weeks:
- I finally had my friends visit me!! Laura, Kataneh, Morgan and their 15month son Emerson stayed for 1.5 days. It was sooo nice to have them and a little surreal they were actually here! We had a blast! 
- We then flew to Albany and stayed three nights at a beautiful farmhouse in Hudson, NY. During the day we pool sided it and had such a relaxing time. We attended my friend Mari's and Andrew's gorgeous wedding on Saturday and partied late! Never been to a wedding that lasted past 2 a.m.! 
- The next day, Darrin and I left early and took a two hour Amtrak ride into NYC. We stayed a night near Grand Central and this preggo walked a lot! We couldn't spend that much time in Central Park due to an afternoon rain storm. But, it cleared up and I introduced Darrin to the best pastrami sandwich from the famous Carnegie Deli. 
- I turned 31 on Labor Day weekend and we took a drive to Charlotte for the afternoon. I just really wanted to go to Trader Joe's, ha! I did find some more maternity clothes at Old Navy and then we had a great time at a beer garden that was dog-friendly! 
- Football is back on in the house and Darrin's gone to two free VT games already!
- My Mom ordered us our crib last week and we have it up all ready! We couldn't wait!

How many weeks: 24 Weeks - 6 Months! 
Baby Size: Size of a cantaloupe. Over 1lb

Weight gain so far: About 11 pounds (I've had some good food lately) 
Maternity clothes: Bought a few new items and some comfy pj's on my b-day.
Stretch marks? I'm putting Palmers Stretch Mark lotion on everyday and I like it so far. 
Sleep: If the cat didn't wake me up sleeping practically on my neck, I wouldn't wake up as often. However, when she does I catch myself on my back, which I can't! Also, my left side of my back hurts and is not going away. 

Best moment this week: Putting the crib together with Darrin. Well, he did most of it and I cleaned up the floor. The animals are probably wondering what this jungle gym is all about;) Also, Darrin and I went on a beautiful 3.5 mile hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend and I think it will be my last for awhile. I was proud I did it.

Missing Anything: My friends. We had such a great time together and it was fun to see them. They made my belly hurt from laughing so much!
Movement: Jabs throughout the day.
Food cravings: Carbs. I don't have weird cravings, but I am eating a bit more now, eek!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not anymore!

Gender: It's a GIRL!
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Some lower back pains still and stomach tightness.
Belly Button in or out? Still in, but it's not as deep anymore:(
Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: Pretty good!
Looking forward to: To flying to meet the hubs on his business trip in Austin, TX next week! I got the green light from work to go yesterday and we booked my flight right away! Austin is one of the city's I've been wanting to check off my list for awhile. I can't wait for our last little "babymoon." 

Things to do still: READ MORE. I need to get through my baby books faster! 
Due Date: December 29th! Christmas/New Years baby!
23 weeks on the day of VT's first home game

Emerson Loved the life jacket!

Thanks for driving us Trish!
We made it to Albany, NY!
Had to make this for E
Pool siding it at the house we stayed at 

D's first back flip!
Mari and Andrew's wedding! Catskills, NY

Mari's Mom in a beautiful Kimono. 
LG girls
Gorgeous bride. Dress #1

The goats loved us

Central Park
Tomorrow will be 25weeks!