Tuesday, November 20, 2012

34 Weeks

How many weeks: 34 Weeks 
Baby Size: Cantaloupe. Over 4.5+lbs and 18 inches long
Weight gain so far: 20+ now
Stretch marks: Not yet! 
Sleep: It's been difficult the past two weeks. It's much harder to roll over and I have a lot more pain at night now. I've had a vein on my left thigh that's been killing me for over a month and docs don't know why? Maybe it's a nerve and the baby is hitting it? I don't know, but I feel really old, when I get up now cause I'm in pain. Hope it stops or we figure it out soon! I am also getting shortness of breath now and have to prop my pillows more at night to get air. Miss Baby Q is taking it all!

Best moment these past weeks: Besides her being extremely active, I feel helpless when she has the hiccups:( She has them right when I wake up, after lunch and usually at night.  I hate them myself and she gets them everyday! They are super cute to feel them though... Also, we received our maternity photos from the photographer and they came out great! Our pets look beautiful in them, ha! We were happy she captured them too. 
Missing Anything:  Bending and getting up fast. 
Movement: Yes, all day long and it's crazy to see my stomach lopsided now. I see it shake too!
Food cravings: Still haven't stopped my pumpkin coffee kick.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not since 16weeks

Gender: It's a GIRL! 
Labor Signs: Nothing new lately
Symptoms: Same. Nothing new
Belly Button in or out? It's still flush with my tummy and hoping it won't pop!

Mood: My energy level peaked about two weeks ago and now I feel it coming down. I guess I have to realize to relax and lounge more. I'm feeling tired and fuzzy.  I'm "nesting" too and trying to get things organized with Darrin and it's hard that I can't do the heavy things... I'm also doing the "waddling" dance now;)
Looking forward to: My Dad and his wife Mary Lou are finally coming to VA and visiting us for Thanksgiving! We are excited to show them around the area and see our house! I'm also looking forward to our Thanksgiving meal! We have a lot to be thankful for this year.
Things to do still: We have attended two birthing classes so far and we are learning a lot. One more to go... I also need to read more, wash her new clothes, buy diapers and pack our hospital bags. The list can go on!
Due Date: December 29th! My family is flying in the 27th and hopefully she will arrive just in time or we will induce to be home for New Years:)

Happy Thanksgiving!!