Friday, September 14, 2012

24 Weeks–NY Trip/31st Birthday

Things have been belated on here lately, but I'm trying to catch up...

I'll just post some highlights from the past couple of weeks:
- I finally had my friends visit me!! Laura, Kataneh, Morgan and their 15month son Emerson stayed for 1.5 days. It was sooo nice to have them and a little surreal they were actually here! We had a blast! 
- We then flew to Albany and stayed three nights at a beautiful farmhouse in Hudson, NY. During the day we pool sided it and had such a relaxing time. We attended my friend Mari's and Andrew's gorgeous wedding on Saturday and partied late! Never been to a wedding that lasted past 2 a.m.! 
- The next day, Darrin and I left early and took a two hour Amtrak ride into NYC. We stayed a night near Grand Central and this preggo walked a lot! We couldn't spend that much time in Central Park due to an afternoon rain storm. But, it cleared up and I introduced Darrin to the best pastrami sandwich from the famous Carnegie Deli. 
- I turned 31 on Labor Day weekend and we took a drive to Charlotte for the afternoon. I just really wanted to go to Trader Joe's, ha! I did find some more maternity clothes at Old Navy and then we had a great time at a beer garden that was dog-friendly! 
- Football is back on in the house and Darrin's gone to two free VT games already!
- My Mom ordered us our crib last week and we have it up all ready! We couldn't wait!

How many weeks: 24 Weeks - 6 Months! 
Baby Size: Size of a cantaloupe. Over 1lb

Weight gain so far: About 11 pounds (I've had some good food lately) 
Maternity clothes: Bought a few new items and some comfy pj's on my b-day.
Stretch marks? I'm putting Palmers Stretch Mark lotion on everyday and I like it so far. 
Sleep: If the cat didn't wake me up sleeping practically on my neck, I wouldn't wake up as often. However, when she does I catch myself on my back, which I can't! Also, my left side of my back hurts and is not going away. 

Best moment this week: Putting the crib together with Darrin. Well, he did most of it and I cleaned up the floor. The animals are probably wondering what this jungle gym is all about;) Also, Darrin and I went on a beautiful 3.5 mile hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend and I think it will be my last for awhile. I was proud I did it.

Missing Anything: My friends. We had such a great time together and it was fun to see them. They made my belly hurt from laughing so much!
Movement: Jabs throughout the day.
Food cravings: Carbs. I don't have weird cravings, but I am eating a bit more now, eek!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not anymore!

Gender: It's a GIRL!
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Some lower back pains still and stomach tightness.
Belly Button in or out? Still in, but it's not as deep anymore:(
Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: Pretty good!
Looking forward to: To flying to meet the hubs on his business trip in Austin, TX next week! I got the green light from work to go yesterday and we booked my flight right away! Austin is one of the city's I've been wanting to check off my list for awhile. I can't wait for our last little "babymoon." 

Things to do still: READ MORE. I need to get through my baby books faster! 
Due Date: December 29th! Christmas/New Years baby!
23 weeks on the day of VT's first home game

Emerson Loved the life jacket!

Thanks for driving us Trish!
We made it to Albany, NY!
Had to make this for E
Pool siding it at the house we stayed at 

D's first back flip!
Mari and Andrew's wedding! Catskills, NY

Mari's Mom in a beautiful Kimono. 
LG girls
Gorgeous bride. Dress #1

The goats loved us

Central Park
Tomorrow will be 25weeks!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A belated gender reveal!

I typed this post a few weeks ago and I never sent it...Very belated! 

On Friday August 10th we found out we are having a little GIRL!!!
Darrin and I had an ultrasound at our hospital and we were amazed how big and real our baby is now! Seeing the baby move and actually wave to us, was unreal! Her nose, lips, hands and feet are just so adorable! We told the tech that we didn't want to know the gender in the appointment and I'm so glad we waited. We had to drive to DC right after, but we stopped at a really nice restaurant in downtown Salem for the reveal! The place was so quaint and a perfect spot for our special moment together. After ordering a glass of champagne (for Darrin) we unfolded the ultrasound picture that had "GIRL" written on it! We both looked at it for a few seconds in shock and then there were happy tears. We just couldn't believe it! The whole restaurant staff knew what we were doing and came over to congratulate us. We had a great dinner and then we were off to tell Darrin's family the news in person. Then the next day, I flew to CA for the weekend to tell my family and friends! 

How many weeks: 21 Weeks - 5 Months! 
Baby Size: Size of a long carrot. 10.5 inches. Over a 1lb

Weight gain so far: About 7 pounds
Maternity clothes: Belly band still, tank tops and I just got a lot of used maternity clothes from a family friend!

Stretch marks? I just bought Palmers Stretch Mark lotion, but I haven't done research on special lotions. We'll see if the standard one will work?

Sleep:  Even though I got the flu this past week, I was sleeping well. I had to take Nyquil PM some days;( The doctor said it was okay to take regular meds now... Its still really hard sleeping only on your sides though! 

Best moment this week: Flying home to CA and telling my family and friends the gender news! We were all in shock because we thought it was a boy. We are sooo thrilled it's a little girl though! My sister and Mom helped me register for the first time and it was a breeze. My sister told me all the things we really needed and all the things that would be a waste of money! She knows since having three kids what is crucial. 

Missing Anything: Saying goodbye to my family and friends again in Los Gatos. My nieces and nephew are growing up too fast!... Also, sleeping on my stomach and back!

Movement: I felt like she calmed down when I was on cold medicine, but she moves more in the morning and an hour before bed. The flutters are more like jabs now. I felt hiccups yesterday too!

Food cravings: I forgot to mention about carbs last time... Carbs, fruit and dairy have been a staple for me during my pregnancy. Pasta, cereal, cottage cheese, waffles, bagels and quesadillas, etc... are the usual. Before, I had a lot of salads and I need to get back to eating them more! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Well having the flu and being pregnant was not fun;(

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!!
Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: Some lower back pains still and stomach tightness.
Belly Button in or out? Still in, but it's not as deep anymore:(
Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: This week I was sooo tired and took my first sick day in a while. I needed to rest as much as I could to get rid of my flu, but still managed to keep busy doing house projects. Unfortunately, work has been super busy too. 
Looking forward to: To having my friends coming to visit for the first time! Kataneh, Morgan, their 15 month old son Emerson and Laura are staying for two days! They flew to Nashville and are driving to VA. Then we are all flying to upstate New York for our friend Mari's wedding! Then Darrin and I are taking Amtrak into Manhattan for a night! It will be busy, busy, but what a great trip we will spend together. 

Things to do still: We have been working so hard getting projects done in the house for my friends visit and the baby coming. Now, that Darrin finally painted our last room (guest room), we can try to focus on the babies room in the next couple of months. It helps that we know the gender now!

Due Date: December 29th! Christmas/New Years baby!


The reveal

Right after dinner. A double rainbow!
Telling my family! 

Pink sugar cookies for the reveal to my nieces and nephew