Miss Maddie

Written in 2011
Our little girl was born June 2nd, 2011 in Hazard, KY and we drove four hours into the deep and I mean "deep" country to get her. We had only seen pics from her breeder before and he assured us she was a sweetie. We walked right into his house and she went straight to Darrin and started licking his face. I on the other hand, was being trampled by a bull mastiff and till this day, Darrin says, "Well, she came to me first, so she loves me more!" Ugh!

Miss Maddie Duke Quesenberry (our initials MDQ, ha) is full of love and keeps us entertained all day long. We love her so much and I can't remember what it was like without her. She is all dog and plays with everything and anybody. She has no fear except for terrorizing the vacuum and chasing squirrels. She loves car rides, she buries bones in the couch, chases balls, toys, shreds any type of paper, and enjoys helping with the dirty laundry! She picks up on things pretty quickly, but somehow hasn't gotten the clue on telling us when she needs to go potty. Soon, I hope!

We've experienced what's it's like to have a puppy and once is enough, but it's been fun watching her grow week after week. Can't wait to have her meet more family and friends who live away. 
Her first day home

Pooped after her first hike
Stare down with the wine bottle
She totally watches t.v.!
Yep, she's biting me in my b-day pic

Our after-work present
Love lazy football Sunday's!
No fear with horses! They loved her. It was so cute.
Auntie Heather came to visit! 
First Halloween as a squirrel. She did well!

I don't want to over load on Maddie pics for now... more to come! Don't worry!

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