Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sadie is 3 Months!

Sadie is already 3months?! This month went fast!

First, I have to say how I'm SO READY for warmer weather! It's been too cold and we've been housebound way too long. It's hard to see all the pretty flowers and warm weather that CA people keep posting on FB! I want to dress Sadie in some cute dresses! I know it will come...

So, Sadie has been showing a lot of personality this month! 
-She is full of smiles and coos!
-Kicking a lot and has awesome tracking. 
-Breast feeding a lot more during the day/night, and still pumping.
-Poo explosions are unbelievable! They are always when we are running out the door and it even got in her hair once, ha!
-Started reading books to her. She loves them!
-She's sleeping directly in her pack-n-play still in our room. We have to transition her in her crib this month, eek!
-Started MOPS group and very happy with it so far. I've met some great Moms and it's been a nice release!
-10/11wks - Sadie had her first cold/cough/fever this month and it was rough! Poor thing was soo sick, but was such a trooper. We visited the doctor twice that week to listen to her lungs. Darrin and I were also so sick. It's been a tough month, but now I know how Sadie is when she is sick. Love how she doesn't cry to just to hear herself cry... Darrin was sick again this past week and thankfully we didn't get it again! 
-Drooling a lot now, I don't know if she is already started to teeth? 
-12wks - Started sleep training last week. So far it been good. Took out her paci at night, which has helped us not getting up every minute to put it back in her mouth! 
-13wks - Checked out the daycare center that we got into and met all of the teachers. Will be easing her in. I think it will be harder for me to take her there. We are happy with the place though and it's the best place in the area.
-Took Easter/3month pictures from our awesome maternity photographer/friend Laura. Will post soon.

Looking forward to Easter this weekend!

Cheeks and thighs!
Easter dress
Our little lucky charm on St. Patty's Day.
Kicking a lot and the drool!
Snow AGAIN:(

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sadie is 2 Months already!?

I can't believe Sadie is over two months old now! It has gone by so fast and I am loving every minute about being a Mom! She is growing every week, but every morning we always say how much she grew over night! I love being home with her right now, but I am really looking forward to the warmer weather, so we can take her outside more! Having a baby in the winter has its ups and downs.

Darrin and I are so amazed at how we created such a special girl. We are so in love with her and we feel so incredibly blessed!

4 wks: Miss Sadie and I flew to California! Yep! Pretty crazy, but she was such a perfect little angel for me. We had a lot of layovers and she slept great. She made the trip easy and she needs to get used to flying! It was great to have friends and family meet her... Next time, Darrin will come!

1month checkup stats: 9lbs 14ozs 

6 wks: She started smiling and really cooing. It's the best feeling to wake up and get a smile early in the morning.

8 wks: Started holding her head up by herself. She has really strong legs and can stand if we hold her up. First mommy/baby play date. Our babies were just 4days apart and it was great to talk about mommy hood!

9 wks: Sadie had her first fever due to having three vaccine shots in her legs. Poor girl!I cried just as much as she did. It was really hard seeing her in pain.
2month checkup stats: 11lbs 15ozs and 23.5"

This week we have had our first 7-8 hr nights!!! It's been a three hour feeding schedule from birth at night, but we took out her bassinet and are laying her straight in the pack-n-play. She is so long and has already out grown out of it. Sadie is still in our room and we plan to transition to her room in a few weeks?

Sadie loves:
Snuggles and holding her close to us. Bouncing to sleep, pacis, high pitched voices to get her to smile, still taking in 4ozs usually per feeding every three hours, and she is extra smiley and talkative in the morning. I sing her silly songs that I make up. Playing on her playmat and we are trying to get longer tummy time. She likes swinging still, long naps starting around 12:30p.m., car rides puts her to sleep, size 1 diapers now and I put away her teeny newborn clothes:( She is great at bath time and doesn't cry just to cry! She is usually pretty easy to read if she wants something and we hope that continues! 

Looking forward to seeing what she does in the next month!


Two Month check up 11lbs 15oz 23.5"
Her first Church dress

The best Valentines Gift
Friends at SF Dog show 
My Sister's family meeting Sadie!
Grammy time again 
Meeting Papa and Nonni for the first time