Friday, August 2, 2013

Sadie is 7 Months old!

* Belated post... This was written last week, but was never sent due to getting the worst stomach flu and then Mastitis again! Some things that I wrote have changed just in a week. Like teeth!! We are having hard nights due to teething and you can see her two swollen front gums and one bottom tooth surfacing. Can't wait to see what she looks like with pearly whites!

Original post:
The other day Darrin and I were just thinking how Sadie's 7 months has gone faster compared to the first 7 months of being pregnant. The summer is already half way over and soon she will be transitioning to the "crawler" section in daycare. Wow!

This past month was a healthy month!! Yay, no sickness finally!
- Sadie and her "BF" went swimming for the first time at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center. She loves the water and loves splashing and is just so content. We have gone several times since and my friend Laura and I signed up for Waterbaby classes starting early August. Can't wait!
- Sadie is trying and loving new foods on a daily basis. I'm making all of her organic pureed food and it's going well! Her favorites are sweet potatoes, mangos, pears, strawberry/bananas and beets. She looks like a little vampire when she gets beets all over her face and hair. This past week she tried fresh zucchini from our garden! I'm glad she liked it because we have tons of squash growing! We are now feeding her solid foods three times a day. Growing girl.
- She is totally sitting up on her own, but has NO teeth yet? She isn't much of a drooler, so hopefully they will just pop when they are ready!
- I'm still nursing and unfortunately she likes to use me as a paci, compared to using her own paci.
- Her daycare teachers and Darrin and I have noticed how Sadie is very compassionate and concerned for other babies. It's very cute and she gets this look and sometimes will put her hand on the babies back to say, "Hey, it's okay!" Soo sweet!
- Her best friend at daycare is named Charlotte and they are 4days apart. They tell us they play with each other's toes!
- SLEEP-- I wish it will get better and consistent soon! Usually, she goes down around 8-8:30 and wakes up 45mins later to get the last of her feeding. Then wakes up around 4a.m. and then up around 6:50? Nap 1:30-2hrs after she wakes up for an hour, middle of the day nap around 12 and then her longer nap around 3 or 4 for about 2.5hrs. Her naps are shorter at daycare. She does not nap well in her crib during the day and unfortunately, loves to nap on me or in her swing. I don't get much done when she naps on me, but I'm usually just as tired too. I know I will never get to do that when we have another child, so I'm taking in our sweet naps together.
- 4th of July was another great celebration this year. We had a neighborhood parade and decorated her stroller, but the decor was ruined fast, due to the rain storm. She went on her first boat ride, but mainly napped the whole time, ha! It was pretty humid that day and was very sleepy most of the time. She slept well at Aunt Trish/Uncle Gary's house and never woke up to our huge firework show!
- Sadie is all wiggles and bubbles... She is a huge roller now, especially when we are changing her and we have to watch her very close. Also, she just babbles and blows bubbles with her mouth constantly. It's pretty darn cute!

Some of her likes:
New car toy, splashing water, stroller walks, bubbles, park swings, petting Savannah, tickles, peek-a-boo, rides around the house in a empty Huggies cardboard box (hey, it's a cheap toy), rattle toy, corners of books, and lot's of holding and snuggles.
Cabbage Patch Kid

First boat ride - July 5th 
Neighborhood parade on a rainy muggy day

Nolan and Sadie - Dinner date and they were matching
Charlotte her BF at daycare 
Mmmm... Strawberries
Driveway pool dip