Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sadie is 8 Months!

Sadie is 8months (well two weeks ago, but I'm finally getting the chance to blog)!

August was filled with swimming lessons, no sleep and teeth for our little girl.

Sadie and I, my friend Laura and her son Nolan made a 9am swim class every day for two weeks. We never missed a class and our babies were the best kids in the pool! So glad she loves the water and that we started her early. The two year olds in the class had the hardest time. We hope to do another class in the late fall again.

Since Sadie started teething at 7months she decided to have major attachment issues at night. We saw the doctor about it and it's pretty normal around her age. We started sleep training her more this past week, but the past month and a half has been tough at night. 

New milestones:
Two bottom teeth, loves to wave her hands and say "All done" in sign language, waving, transitioned to a pink camo sippy cup, cheerio's, sitting in a high chair at restaurants and a grocery cart. Loves the book, "Eight Silly Monkeys," stroller walks, and loves swings!

She has done a few more milestones since turning 8months, but I'll wait to write them in her 9month post...

Super Girl!

Swimming Class
Love this pic of my lil' swimmer
First time in the shopping cart (of course at Walmart;)

In her jogging outfit

First time in a restaurant high chair and the beer was bigger than her head!

Nolan and Sadie - Playdate 
Jenny Jumpup 
Looks like they are proposing?! ha!
Sadie's first trip to the NC Zoo!