Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sadie is 17 Months

Sadie was 12months when I last posted and she has grown a lot since December. We have a little walking and talking toddler on our hands now.

Quick updates since January and her milestones: 26.8lbs, size 4diapers and wearing 18mo-2yr clothes. 

-Stopped nursing at 12.5 months. I'm very, very proud that we made it over a year! What an accomplishment and wonderful experience it was to give the best nourishment to my daughter. 
-Sadie stood up for the first time without holding anything on Martin Luther King Day 1/20 and we had dinner at our friends the Matney's and she stood up in their kitchen. Then the very next day 1/21/14 she took her first step! Exactly a month later 2/23 she went from taking 2-4 steps to full force walking in our living room! Such a proud moment!
-Experienced her first real snow and -degree temps. It was very cold in January and had 2feet of snow in February! We were snowed in for three days and had the best time taking Sadie out sledding!
-Has been sleeping much better and is easy to get down at night. Huge difference! 
-Eating a full meal was difficult between 12-14 mo. and we still have moments. She would rather slide her food off the high chair so Maddie will eat it. She does it as a game and smiles after. So cute, but we have to get stern with her. Loves waffles, cheese, yogurt, strawberries and can drink milk all day long.
-Kisses and pats her baby all the time. So adorable! Also, kisses and pats us too. Loves to do butterfly kisses with me before bed and waves goodnight to the animal canvas art we she has on her walls.
-We traveled a lot in March and the three of us went to Asheville and Boone, NC one weekend, and saw our friends Will and Anna got married in Snowshoe, WV. Then Sadie took her fifth flight to California. She learned how to go down stairs at her Papa's house, had pink eye for the second time, and her molars grew in that week. Sleep was a bit rough, but Sadie is always a good traveler. She loved playing with her big cousins! From CA, we flew into Washington DC to celebrate Sadie's cousin Aiden's third birthday.
-Seventh double ear infection since Feb. Sadie had her first surgery in April and got tubes put in her ears. She did great in the surgery. It was harder for this Mommy!
- Got bit on the arm from a friend at daycare twice in April/May. She and the kids are showing their personality now and not liking to share. 
- Sadie really understands us now and can take directions very clearly. It's incredible how fast she comprehends and copies us all the time. It's adorable. 

- Words: The new word of the week is, "Maam" for Mom and it's sounds like she's from New Jersey, ha! "Nana" for banana, "mell" for milk, no, yeah, "na" for baby and Savannah, all done, "du" for down and dog, no, boom, and of course Mama and Dada." Also she shakes her head for yes, no and shrugs her shoulders for, "I don't know".  12-14 words or so.

- Loves/Obsesses: Riding her big wheel bike (she's learning to peddle), going outside in general, loves her playhouse at daycare, slides and parks. We can't go past the park in our neighborhood with out her grunting to take her. Likes to take on and off of caps and tops, carrying my make-up bag as her purse, opening and shutting doors, coloring, snapping her fingers, her BABY doll, dancing, books, her new shopping cart, her play kitchen and especially stirring and pretending to eat her imaginary food on the spoon. Bubbles, pointing to the horses and cows everyday when we drive to daycare and she grins so big after, pointing to lights, waving and blowing kisses, swimming in pools, piggy back rides and MILK! She's weird about sand and stepping on different textures on her feet.


Baby obsessed
Sadie's new kitchen set
The last day of officially crawling.
Took her first few steps after the park that night on 2/23/14
Snowshoe, WV for Will and Anna's wedding. 3/8/14

All ready for her surgery. Brave girl. 15mos.
VT VetMed Easter egg hunt. Who's this weird dude, Mom??

MOPS Easter egg hunt. Would rather throw the eggs!
Obsessed with drawing now! I stained and painted this Ikea table
She's a righty and has Gillespie art genes!
Dedication Day for Sadie
~ April 27th

Pretty dedication dress
The 16 and 17 month photos will be in the next post...