Friday, November 18, 2011

10 Things I've learned since living in the South:

1) Food, food and more food!--Let's just say, I miss my Trader Joe's.
Ex: Think the best was when I asked a grocery clerk if they have fresh basil and she handed me a jar of pesto! Fresh green beans=canned here, biscuits are a staple and I can't find polenta anywhere.
2) You can strike up a conversation with anyone.
3) Going to the beach is a vacation now. It's not 30 mins. away anymore.
4) Freeway=Interstate, purse=pocketbook, ice tea=sweet or unsweetened (which I love now).
5) College football fans are truly devoted to their team.
6) Never seen so much camo before.
7) It's nice to hear the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance everyday at 12 pm on the radio.
8) Walmart is an experience in itself.
9) Don't miss the Bay Area traffic one bit and the overload of consumerism.
10) Life just seems simpler--in a good way.
More to come....
Thanks to my bro-in-law, I have my very own turkey calling camo hat.
We were in W. Virginia at an all day country fest, this explains Darrin's chest hair.


  1. Hi! I just blog hopped and landed on your blog.. I LOVE IT. So cute! I have a similar background but mine is backwards.. I am from Richmond, Va and I married a guy from sunny Florida... I am soaking up the sun here and loving every minute of being married! I am really excited I found your blog... can't wait to follow!

  2. Thanks Lindsay! You are my very first one to comment! How special! I'm very new to this blog world and your blog is very inspiring. Might have to get some tips;)...but, we definitely have similar backgrounds, how funny! I'll enjoy following you too!


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