Tuesday, October 2, 2012

27 Weeks - Third Trimester!!

How many weeks: 27 Weeks - 7 Months! 
Baby Size: Size of cauliflower head. Over 2lbs and 14.5inches long

Weight gain so far: About 17 pounds (I gained 4lbs in Texas last week. That BBQ and Mexican was good!) 
Stretch marks: Not yet!
Sleep: I'm sleeping well and not getting up to go to bathroom until the alarm. It's been like that since beginning of the second trimester actually. However once I'm in bed, I stay. It's getting harder to roll over and get up. I'm sleeping on my sides and trying to ease my back pain as much as I can.

Best moment this week: Going to a prenatal yoga class! I have been wanting to attend this Sunday class for so long. It was great and relieved my back pain and stretched my stiff body! There were five young girls there and I was the second farthest along. 
Also, we finally purchased things for the babies room! We went to a antique store in Salem and got a white dresser that is so cute. We got a little chandelier from Home Depot (Darrin wanted this) and a mirror that will go above the dresser. We are picking up a rocking chair tomorrow too!

Missing Anything: Shaving my legs, which is difficult now. Also, I gave myself my last pedicure. I will splurge and go somewhere because it really hurt bending. 
Movement: Jabs have turned into full punches and turns in the last few weeks. Darrin can totally feel her now! Love it. We've been playing music on my belly and for some reason she likes Lil' Wayne?! I get so much movement. We put on baby Mozart and I get no kicks. I can't believe we are exposing her to such lyrics, but we think she'll be a dancer and likes the beats, ha! 
Food cravings: My same carbs and dairy. I am eating way more now. I guess I have to make up for my first trimester, ha!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not anymore!

Gender: It's a GIRL!
Labor Signs: I had some braxton hicks a few weeks ago, but haven't felt it lately. Didn't feel great.
Symptoms: Just my lower back pains still and her butt is in my ribs. Ouch!
Belly Button in or out? It's now flush with my tummy, hoping it won't pop!

Mood: Pretty good and I'm not that tired at all. I know that will change when I get huge! Darrin asked me tonight if I'll get emotional and just cry in the third trimester. Had to tell him, it could be with any trimester. I really haven't cried at all or been a crazy preggo;) 

Looking forward to: My glucose test this week and my sugar levels are all good. Also, in two weeks my Mom comes and can't wait to show her the things we bought for the nursery. Then it's Baby Shower time!

Things to do still: Again, READ MORE. Signup for birthing classes at the hospital. 
Due Date: December 29th! Christmas/New Years baby!

The Alamo, San Antonio
Last Day on the San Antonio River Walk. More mexican food.
With Darrin's boss Jim and his wife Melissa. Us girls had to
meet our men on their business trip!
We hiked to a spring 30mins outside of Austin. Gorgeous.
At the famous Allen's Boots. Soo many!
Austin's famous food trucks
The BEST brisket ever at The Salt Lick BBQ!
Famous on the Food Network.

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