Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sadie is 9Months!

Sadie is 9months (well, two weeks ago) and can't believe we are already planning her first birthday already!

9 month checkup stats: 19.14lbs (69%) 29.5" (96%)

She has her Daddy's good looks, but she's a Mama's girl alright! She said her first word "Mama" beginning of 8months! She usually says it when wanting out of her crib;)
Chunky foods: loves cheese, cherrios, yogurt, puffs, eggs, deli meat, bits of carrots and bananas, but still loves her beets, sweet potatoes and mangos.
-Sadie went on her third flight to California to visit family. Also to celebrate an old roomies wedding and my 32 birthday! She was amazing on the plane and was so content smiling at the old ladies and pounding the pretzel snack bag. 
-Oh sleep! It has been an issue since 7 months and awful when we were in CA. She hates pack-n-plays, but when we got back we let her cry it out in her crib more and she's been a lot better. S is napping more in her crib too!
-Sickness: Unfortunately, it's been a month of sickness again:( Double ear infection, fevers, major cold, sore throat and runny eye. She's been a trooper, but there was some sleepless nights and even one night on the couch.
-Some events: went to Brew Do beer fest, play date with Laura and Nolan, went to Homeplace and she tried southern mash potatoes and ice cream for the first time. Then Nana babysat while we went to a VT football game.
-Loves: Electronics (especially the monitor, iPhone and tv remote) paper, us singing to her, stroller rides, dog leashes, and now knows Maddie's love for disgusting dirty tennis balls. Caught her with her mouth on one, ewwwww!!!

9 Month check-up and flu shot;( 

Kissy kissy with Emerson
In Papa's pool 

Auntie Heather in CA

Playdate with Nolan-The Mommy's had a birthday lunch
Sick bed head

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