Thursday, March 8, 2012

Room of the month: Sunroom

My goal this month is to get the sunroom done! It's been empty since we moved and we just can't close the door like the other two empty rooms we still have. In California, sunrooms aren't that common like they are in the South. Just like basements (which I'm actually bummed we don't have one in our new home), but we couldn't get everything on our wish list!...Anyways, our sunroom is between our kitchen and garage. Sort of like a closed in breezeway. I love it because it's not all windows like a traditional sunroom. It will be perfect when we have little ones for a playroom too, but for now, it will be our cool hangout room! I wanted this room to be hip since it's also right off our deck. So, it will be like a party room when we have bbq's (cookouts;)!... I have a lot of ideas, but due to budget, I've been bargain shopping! I already found some furniture at thrift stores/garage sales and just waiting for our couch to ship! I SCORED on this purchase! More about that down below... This design is nothing like our normal rooms in the house, but I'm stepping out of my comfort zone from plain solid colors to modern, aztec! Eek!

What do you think? I can't wait to put it together this month!
I've purchased most of the idea board. Here's where and how much I spent on this room:

1. Modern sun mirror-- BigLots = $16
2. Vintage shabby door with hooks--Best garage sale find yet! =$15
3. Oval white lamp--Thrift store =$5
4. Industrial cart--Urban Outfitters =$99 (Out of Stock now)
5. Aztec 5x7 area rug--TJ Maxx=$139
6. Modern stone sleep sofa--Target =$155!!!! Originally $229+$60 shipping/tax, but then it went on sale to $199, then to $160 this week. I signed up for the Target RedCard to get free shipping and got another %5 off. Plus, I already found a $5 coupon code online. I was thrilled!... Yes, it might not be the a coziest couch and have the highest review ratings, but I didn't want to spend a lot on something that will get torn up by kids one day! Also, it's a sleeper for more guests! I'm so happy about the bargain hunt I found! 

We'll see how everything will look once it's all put together. I might have another idea? ha!

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