Friday, March 30, 2012

March sunroom goal: Completed

My whole family and my coworkers have been really sick this whole winter and I'm surprised I haven't gotten anything. I thought it was helpful since I have my own office and don't pass tons of germs?... Well, this week was my turn and then I passed it to Darrin yesterday:(  I took Monday off since my head was pounding. I tried to rest, but that didn't last, since it was lawn day around our neighborhood. That didn't help my head at all! So, I got busy on more house projects.

My goal this month was to get the sunroom done and it is 90% done! It's pretty close to my board I did a few weeks ago. Just need a few more items to fill it, but I feel this room will be always changing. I'm just happy it's not empty anymore;)

Craigslist buy

NOOO!!! Caught her in the act!
This painting was a surprise gift for Christmas from my Dad and his wife.
It was painted by their friend who is a local artist in Clear Lake, CA.
It's very special to us because it's a scene at the winery where we got married.

Left over shelf that I did in the kitchen, so I bought three Anthropologie door knobs.
Screwed them in and instant coat hanger!

Also, this past week we had a lot of FIRSTS: 
  1. First bbq at our house. We need to buy a real homeowners bbq soon! 
  2. Darrin mowed the lawn for the first time and I planted new flowers.
  3. Maddie got her first haircut at the groomers
  4. Maddie was boarded for the first time. Don't think she slept one bit!
  5. Our nephew turned ONE. 
  6. Our other nephew turned FIVE this week.
  7. Both nephews got their first Virginia Tech hat!
  8. Finally found a good hair salon! I don't have to fly back to CA to get it done;) Close to home and reasonable!
  9. And this weekend will be my first NASCAR RACE!!! CAN'T WAIT for the GOOD people watching!! I promise I'll post pics.
First cookout on our deck.
Savannah wanted to join.
First snip snip and got a cool bandanna too!

What's all this excitement about?!


  1. Wow! You did a great job with the sunroom! I'm definitely going to be coming to you when it's time to decorate our first house :)

  2. the room looks great! have fun at the race this weekend, they are such a good time!

  3. The sunroom looks amazing!! Great job!

    1. Thanks!...It was so fun seeing all of your weddings pics! Your dress was beautiful!

  4. Your DIY cabinet looks awesome! And I can't believe you found that piece on craigslist...sometimes that place is a gold mine!
    Happy Friday!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  5. I love this so much! That Anthro hook coat hanger idea is so great. Glad I found your blog!!


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