Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer's already half done?

Or as Darrin says, "his summer just ended since, 'The Dark Knight Rises' came out!" It was an incredible movie and sad that a sicko had to take innocent lives in Colorado. Very tragic. 

Recap of the beginning of July: The weekend of fourth of July was very memorable. Darrin and I, his brother, and Aunt and Uncle drove to Bluefield, WV to an outdoor country concert. We had been looking forward to the show since we went to it last year. It's the Best people watching Ever!! We were suppose to see Eric Church and Jake Owen until we had a rare type of tornado storm. We were in the football stadium no more than 30minutes until everyone had to evacuate and leave. We hoovered under the bleachers for some time, but finally drove home. The worst was when we got home. Our area was hit really hard. Fallen trees and power outages everywhere. Luckily, our house had power and thankful since it was sooo hot and humid that week. It was a big deal on the news and I'm still not used to these crazy thunderstorms here!...We spent the fourth at Claytor Lake like we do every year. Boat rides, swimming, corn hole, great food and ending the night by watching the guys blow up Tennessee fireworks! The coolest was seeing sheets of lightening across the sky at the same time.

I was finally feeling more like myself in the second weekend of July, thank goodness! So, Darrin and I took an improptu mini "babymoon" to Outer Banks, NC. We both had never been there and were anxious to see what the beaches were like. We got the best deal at an Inn on Roanoke Island, just outside of Nags Head. We stayed in the honeymoon suite of an old house right on the water. It was perfect. However, the humidity and heat was insane and my prego belly got burned on the beach:(... The Outer Banks was different than I expected, but so glad we went!

The last two weekends, Darrin has been hard at work painting! It's difficult to just watch him since I can't help, but I've been doing other projects throughout the house too. Our master bedroom and the NURSERY is finally painted and we now have cute curtains on the windows. We cleared out the baby room and are in the beginning stages to filling it with baby stuff. It's still a little surreal that I'm almost half way done with my pregnancy!

Pregnancy Milestones: We heard the babies heart beat again last week and everything is looking good!
Two total strangers asked about me about my pregnancy while shopping this weekend. Yep, I guess I'm showing!
Last, I felt flutters today! It was like butterfly wings scraping the side of my stomach.
Bluefield, WV – Right before we ALL had to evacuate 
Motorboatin' on the fouth
At 15 weeks, now 17.
The Booth House Inn, Manteo, NC
Right on the water
Our Honeymoon suite – The Innkeepers family antiques

Bath water

Darrin got his seafood!

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