Thursday, December 13, 2012

37 Weeks

How many weeks: 37 Weeks, full term - 9 Months! 
Baby Size: Size of a stalk of swiss chard - random?

Weight gain so far: 25 + and that's all I'm saying on here;)
Maternity clothes: They are very tight now and I ripped off half of my pinky nail pulling my jeans up last week. Ouch! 
Stretch marks: So far None!!

Sleep: Even though I love sleep, this is the worst part of my day. It takes me 3-4 times to roll over on my side and I am in excruciating pain from my nerve in my left side of my thigh. My stomach loves to tighten at night too. I can't breath and am waking up cause I'm so hot! It's awesome!!... I usually just get up once to go to the bathroom and I always feel bad because I wake the baby up (seriously). She's not active when I sleep, thank goodness, but right when I wake up she moves. So funny!
Best moment of these past weeks: Having my Dad and his wife Mary Lou visit us for Thanksgiving, and having one of my best friends from third grade, Molly come to visit us two days after. We got our house decorated for Christmas and so thrilled that our little girl will be here before New Years. We are feeling totally ready for her and also loving that this is my last week of work! Time to relax now (for a bit;)

Missing Anything: Walking without pain, breathing well at night and have I mentioned a margarita in any of my posts;) 
Movement: Uh, yes! Non stop, all day long and feel like she going to pop soon. I feel her sooo low. She's an active girl!
Food cravings: I'm tired of eating more than Darrin. It makes me feel so weird, but I know I have too. I now understand how women gain so much. I don't get full that fast and if I am, I'm ready to eat an hour later, ugh! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still don't like hair spray and perfume. 

Labor Signs: I get Braxton Hicks sometimes when I've had a busy day and feeling her low in my pelvis.
Symptoms: So happy I don't have back pain at all anymore (for now;)
Belly Button in or out? Flush with my belly. 
Wedding rings on or off? On, but TIGHT!
Mood: I'm a little more emotional now, but otherwise good. I'm not extremely tired anymore even though my nights are rough.

Looking forward to: Pre-registering at the hospital, and knowing when we finally get to meet our girl soon! Also, figuring out the nice Canon digital DSLR camera Darrin got me for Christmas and for my push present! Finally, we can take nice pictures of our baby, instead of our iphones!

Things to do still: I think this is the first Christmas ever where I've been prepared for presents. I did a lot of online shopping and have already wrapped presents. I mean, it's a tradition to be sometimes wrapping on Christmas day for me! I guess I have to be ready because I know if she comes early, some people may not have wrapped presents!
Due Date: December 29th 

Not a good pic of me, but oh well... 
Papa and Nonni came to visit!
Visiting my family (and Darrin's) cemetery in Hillsville, VA. Pretty neat!

Our tree!
My work baby shower last week! Tons of diapers, so sweet!

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  1. You look fantastic and yay for being in the home stretch!


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