Sunday, December 23, 2012

Letters to our baby girl

I've been waiting all my life to finally be a Mom and I can't believe that day is about to happen in just a few days. I grew up playing with my dolls and dreaming that someday I'll actually have my own little baby to play and take care of. I am so lucky to have become pregnant so quickly with no complications and I hope I deliver a healthy little girl at the end. For the most part, it's been a wonderful experience being pregnant. There has been some ups and downs, but it's been amazing. I have to thank Darrin for always being so supportive and loving throughout this whole journey.

To my little girl:
I've carried you for nine months and I anxiously wonder what you will be like. Now, that I know you are the girl I've always wanted to have, will you be more like me, like your Dad or a combination of us both. Will you be as sweet, patient, and loving like your Daddy or be observant, kind and quite like the both of us. Will you have blond, red or curly hair like the rest of the family? Have my green eyes or your Dads blue eyes? Will you be tall and have big lips like your Dad or have one dimple like me? Have a bottom like your Dad and be a dancer like you were in the womb? Will you be artistic and creative like the Gillespie side. I'm so curious and can't wait to meet, kiss and hold you. I will love and support you whatever your heart desires. I can't wait to watch you grow, learn and experience every milestone in your life. I know you will make mistakes and I will always be there for you and try to guide and protect you. I wish you happiness, love, and laughter in your lifetime and I hope I can be the best Mother to you. I am so proud to be your Mom and I love you so much already. 

Letter to my daughter:
The date is December 23rd, 2012. Unless you decide to come before, you will be born December 26th. I can’t even describe how anxious and excited I am to finally meet you! Your Mom has done a wonderful job carrying you in her tummy for the past 9 months. You couldn’t have had a better Mom to take care of you. We are very lucky to have her in our life.

I have been dreaming and praying for the day that I would have a family of my own. The greatest day of my life was when I married your Mom. We are very much alike and we both couldn’t wait to have our own child. Then we were blessed with you! It was the happiest day when we found out that we were pregnant.

I have so many questions right now… What are you going to look like? Are you going to look like your Mom or me or a combination of both of us? What is your personality going to be like? Are you going to be quieter like your Mom and me or are you going to be a talker like your grandparents? What is going to be your favorite subject in school? I will go ahead and apologize if you aren’t good at math. I hope that you are though! Are you going to like playing sports like me? Are you going to be an artist like your Mom? No matter what you do in your life, you will always have our support.

I can’t wait to hold you as a baby. I can’t wait to hear you say your first words, and take your first steps. My new favorite thing to do is going to be hanging out with you, reading you books, watching cartoons, and watching you play with Maddie. The list of things I can’t wait to see you do is too long to write in this letter. I can sum up my feelings for you before I have even met you in a few words: You are the greatest thing that I have ever created. Nothing that I accomplish in my life will compare to the joy that you and your Mom bring me. I pray every night that you are healthy and that you live a long life. I pray that I can raise you the right way and provide everything that you need. I pray that you think I am a good Dad. I pray that you live your life to the fullest and accomplish your dreams. I only ask a couple things of you though: for your Mom and my sake, don’t grow up too fast. We will talk about the others when the time is right;) I love you more than I even know right now, see you in a couple days!!!!

Your Dad
Our fun maternity shoot in November

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