Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sadie is 4months old!

4months has gone by since I held my 7lb 4oz 21.5" baby girl for the first time. Now, Sadie has doubled her weight (15.1lbs 26") and is full of smiles!

As I type this, she is sleeping in my arms with a fever:( Sadie had four vaccines yesterday and like her 2 month shots, she got sick.

We finally got out more in Sadie's third month. We still had snow, but saw some nice spring days too! 
We took her on more stroller rides, she is cooing a lot, loves books, singing and she is tracking our movement and voices. Sadie started sleeping in her crib and that meant we got our room back! 

-After months of anticipation and nervousness, we left Sadie with her Nana overnight and we took our annual NASCAR camping trip with our friends. Sadie got more sleep than us that night. It was a crazy trip for us!
-Sadie started daycare at Rainbow Riders with six other babies in the infant room. We are very happy with the place, but she is slowly going due to me still being at home. 
-My Dad came to visit early April and we had an unexpected snow storm, but he thought it was beautiful. It was great to see the two redheads together;) Then my Mom came last week for six days and she enjoyed spending alone time with Sadie. We took a huge walk around VT and she was in awe of the flowers that just started to bloom here.
-One thing Sadie has gotten a little more fussy this month. She has attachment issues and only wants me and Darrin. I calm her down more and am nursing a lot, especially to sleep at night. The doctor says it will pass and is normal. We also saw her first tooth cut surface, so that is a huge reason she is drooling and has been a bit more fussy than normal.
-In mid-April we went to DC to visit Darrin's brother, sister in-law and nephew and took Sadie to her first winery. It was fun to see the cousins together.

-We have a pretty good bedtime routine now. She's asleep around 8:30p.m. and she wakes up at least once around 4a.m.  for an hour and sleeps in until 7:30-8:30! Love that she can sleep in! Can't wait to see what she does this month...
Belated Easter pics at 3months

First night in her crib!  
NASCAR and first night away from the baby

La Grange Winery, Middleburg, VA 
First time in her walker. Did well!

4month check-up. It's tough seeing her in pain!

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