Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sadie is 5 Months old!

Sadie turned five months last week and I have been meaning to take the time to write what she has been up to. This month Sadie has been getting a lot stronger and showing more of her little personality. She laughs harder and loves getting tickled. It's very cute!
- Tummy time is longer now and you can tell her back strength is getting stronger. She hasn't yet rolled over. Soon I hope (but not really;). She is sleeping more, but waiting for our nights to stay consistent! We had a good routine 8:30p.m. up at 4:45a.m. feeding and up again at 8ish. The last two weeks have been rough (like every 2hrs, she'll call for us). The days we take her to daycare really mess her up with naps. She has so much social interaction there and I don't think she calms down.
- She took her second big airplane ride to CA for a week! She did great in the plane and smiled and looked around at all the people. At four weeks she slept most of the flights and this trip she didn't sleep that much. I nursed a lot due to so many takeoffs. My first Mother's Day was spent in Santa Cruz and it was fun dipping her little toes in the Pacific Ocean! Our week was jammed packed. We spent most of the time at my sisters with her family and with my friends. It was so nice to have Sadie get close with everyone on my side again. Her attachment issues that she had with me really stopped, since she was with so many people! We did get a date night and spent our second wedding anniversary in South Lake Tahoe. We dropped off Sadie with her Papa and Nonni and had a great time just the two of us. It was a great week, but needed to chill for a week after!
Some other new things:
- Size 2 diapers, fitting into 6month clothes and 16.4lbs already!!
- Nursing more and pumping less this month. Loves scooting across the floors in her play saucer. She totally walks in it. Grabs more toys in her hand, pets the cat and dog and loves trying to eat the corner of books.
- 4.5wks we tried rice cereal! She didn't know what to do at first, but she has gotten the hang of it. She grabs the spoon to direct for more now.
- She got her third cold/cough again from daycare last week. Boo and now she has an ear infection this week. She was really fussy and crying hard this past Sunday night, which she never does. We took her to the doctors Monday morning because she had a 103 fever, ah! She is on her first antibiotics, ugh!
- Sadie had her first singing performance! Yep, she was on stage with her other baby friends at the daycares/preschool graduation. It was adorable!

Mommy notes:
- The last two months my hair has really changed probably due to the hormones. Not liking the thick, kinky, textured curls on the crown of my head!! Hopefully after I stop nursing it will go back?!?
- The humidity lately has reminded me of my pregnancy and a few times have made me get a little anxious. It's just brought back memories because I was so sick last summer. So WEIRD to have those thoughts?? Oh and I still can't use my hairspray, perfume and chocolate frozen yogurt. So, I guess humidity isn't so weird? well kinda...
- 2.5lbs more and I'll be at pre-preggo weight!! Very surprised it hasn't taken too long to lose it, since I really haven't tried to sweat it off. A few Zumba classes and stroller walks, but nursing has helped a lot. Now if I can get my hips to shrink, so I can fit in my old pants, ha! 

First scoop of rice cereal!
Mmm goood! New feeding seat thanks to my Aunt/Uncle!
First beach dip!
Mother's Day in Santa Cruz
Cousin Lauren taking sweet care of Sadie
Morgan and Emerson teaching Sadie piano;)
2nd Anniversary spent in South Lake Tahoe
First pool dip at Papa and Nonni's new house
Memorial Day

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