Sunday, June 9, 2013


The last post I wrote about how Sadie hasn't rolled over yet... Well not even 24 hours after that post our little missy ROLLED over!! Darrin and I were shocked and Sadie was too! It happened on her play mat and I was right next to her and Darrin was in the room, but we missed it:( It was so fast, but we took her photo right after. Since then she's rolled over twice! I thought we would notice her trying to roll over for a few days or something? She just did it. Proud milestone;)

Also, Sadie had another play date with her BF Nolan who is 4 days younger. They were adorable together! At least they didn't cry like their first play date. 

Playing footsie's 

Sooo precious!

They sure have grown since their first date!
The after shot of her first roll! She was shocked!

Photos from Nolan's Mom
Laura's Focus Photography

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  1. Sweet girl. I love the shock on her face in the last one!

    And we have actually moved back to VA. We will be settling in northern VA, but I am currently splitting my time between Alexandria and Luray until we find a home!


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