Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sadie is 6 Months!

How did 6 months go by so quickly? It really goes so fast and our little missy is half-way to her first birthday! This past month Sadie's has had a lot of milestone's and her personality is just shining everyday. 

What's been happening:
- 17.5lbs and 27.5" The doc says she's perfect in weight since she is so tall.
- Started Oatmeal which she loves. Gave her avocado as her first "real" veggie and she had the best sour face! She has tasted homemade applesauce and next is butternut squash and green beans!
- 23wks she rolled over both ways and she puts herself to sleep on her side.
- The same week she rolled over, she sat up by herself! 
- One word that I would describe Sadie is, observant. 
- She's grasping and trying to touch everything. Spoons, plastic containers, and chip bags are really fun now! Why buy more toys?
- Tummy time is for crying babies... Sadie's a big girl now and can chill on her tummy with no problem;)
- Took her first 4mile hike to the Cascades and rode on Daddy's back in a backpack. What a trek, but slept half of the time!
- Unfortunately, due to daycare she was sick most of her fifth month. Two colds and an ear infection. Boo!
- Sadly, I put away most of her 0-6month clothes in a bin. Some 3month onesies still fit, but she's mainly in 6-9months now.
- Went to a few festivals and a new winery in Blacksburg.
- Celebrated Darrin's first Father's Day and drove to Charlotte for the day. We went to a pet friendly beer garden and took Maddie. It was a Hot, but a nice day!
- Loves being tipped over upside down and tickled. Her gut laugh really comes out.
- Mastitis=No fun
- Still loves books, baths, cuddle time in the morning, late afternoon naps on me, petting the cat and we just got a new exersaucer that has been exciting.

There's more to add, but my lack of sleep is making my foggy:)

Sitting up!
Hiking to the Cascades Waterfall
Claytor Lake Festival

Wine tasting
New saucer!
Father's Day in Charlotte
Avocado = no likey 
Our little love who loves to suck our noses

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