Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sadie is 11Months!

11months and 1 more to go until our baby turns ONE! 

-Top teeth came in and she has the cutest little gap between them.
-Opening and closing doors (her fingers have been squashed a few times).
-Sadie got croup or just a really bad cough and cold? We took her to the doctor three times in one week and we still didn't get a clear diagnosis. She didn't eat solids for over a week and lost almost a pound. She was very clingy to Mommy, so we read in bed a lot! Super sweet!... Seriously, she touches something and catches an illness! Even though she wakes up at night, she is really a trouper during the day and doesn't cry much at all.
-Still nursing! I never imagined I would be nursing this long!
-She started taking her fingers and moving them up and down on her lips to make the cutest funny noises. She taught herself that!
-Crawling and standing up on everything. She is very busy now!
-Knows how to press the iPhone button
-Knows how to throw the ball for Maddie now!!! I mean this is Big!
-We had to call Dish. Sadie apparently ordered "GI Joe" on the remote, while we looked away for 2 seconds. Ha!

Strawberries, raspberries, bananas, green beans, and cheese. Refrigerator and the dishwasher doors, anything she can tap and jingle, remotes/iPhone, peek-a-boo and touch and feel books.

Hates: Getting dressed, diaper changes and her stinky feet touched! It's a battle every time! She's not a fan of teeth brushing either and Mommy came up with a silly song to get her excited, ha!

First ride!

Park playdate
Still loves the water
Sister Love
Poor sicky!!

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