Tuesday, January 31, 2012

West Virginia, mountain momma

I have learned that I can't say, "We are going to the snow" here. When I was talking about our upcoming ski trip to Darrin, he kept saying you can't say that; it snows everywhere here! I'm used to going to just one area (Lake Tahoe) to go to ski resorts.
This past weekend, we drove four hours on West Virginia country roads to go to Snowshoe Mountain Resort. It wasn't the huge Sierra Mountains, but I was very impressed. It was gorgeous skiing in the snow on Saturday and we went back at night too. That was a first for me! Darrin was very patient, since I stayed on the bunny slopes most of the day. We stayed with our friends at their new condo, so we will be planning to making another trip soon! I need to get over my fear and go fast down the slopes! 
It was a great weekend trip and no one got hurt;)

Snowshoe Resort, WV--Trip Advisor

My first night skiing experience
Pooped from the weekends activities.
Yes, Maddie can sit like a person;)

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