Thursday, February 23, 2012

A new addition to the Q family!

We thought last weekend was going to be pretty mellow, since we had to take care of Maddie (who got spayed on Friday). Well, that changed FAST! We never thought picking her up at the vet would result in adopting a CAT!? It's been on our mind that we need another companion for M, but not this soon. However, the vet told us this 1. 5 year old cat was really friendly, but just needed a home:( She seemed like a great fit, since the vet took care of her and she's been surrounded by lots of animals. She told us we can test her out and if it doesn't work, we can bring her back....well, she's staying!
The cat has been the sweetest and super mellow! The animals get along pretty well, but both get a little territorial. M's been our baby, no wonder! It will pass I'm sure with time. We are so happy that our unexpected adoption worked out and she melts our heart even when she lays on our chest at 5am!... OH! We haven't decided on a name yet, so any suggestions would help!!!

Also, this past weekend we had tons of gorgeous snow and after a YEAR of sharing a car with car arrived from California!!!! I've missed it so much!
This broke our heart!
Make yourself at home!

What a life
Peek-a-boo. Love the new ride Mom!

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