Monday, February 13, 2012

Time for some house projects-West Elm knock-off

I've done a few projects for our new house, but I haven't posted anything yet. I will post more soon, but wanted to share my latest project. My inspiration was from West Elm. I wasn't familiar with this design store until I started in this blog world. I was in love when I saw the website.  I looked up where they were located and found out they were in Charlotte, NC!  So, three weeks ago, Darrin and I drove three hours to Charlotte for a special trip to see the store.  I wanted everything when I went in, but bought some dish towels and place mats in the sale section. I can't wait to visit again!

This West Elm shelf was $79 for one! I spent $7 on wood, $6 for stain/cloth and $35 for brackets/screws. Total=$48 for 2! This project was a quick diy project, and Darrin got to use his new power drill! 
West Elm
Maddie always checking the action



  1. Hey Megan! I just saw the comment you posted on my page! (It had been put in my spam!) I am still just figuring this blogging thing out :)
    Great to hear from you! Your blog is adorable! I can't wait to explore it more. And I love that you moved into a farmhouse in Virginia - you're living my dream! :)

  2. These are so cute! Im sure you are excited for your mom to come visit too. It is hard living so far away from our mommas!

  3. All the pictures of your decorating are looking great megs!
    Love Sasha


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